Whether you're a fan of seedless jellies or fruit-filled preserves, you'll find a blackberry spread worth stocking up on.
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Grape and strawberry jams or preserves are classic fruit spread flavors. You’ll never hear us speak an ill word against them. But despite their timeless tastiness, they’re only two flavors. And with fall finally here and blackberries just out of season, there’s something to be said for the tart fruitiness of a good jar of spreadable blackberries.

Still, if you’re shopping for something a little different from your usual fruit spread preferences, then you may be wondering which jarred blackberries are the best for your money. That’s why we decided to try seven varieties of blackberry jams, jellies and preserves. Whether you’re a fan of seedless jellies or fruit-filled preserves, you’ll find a blackberry spread worth stocking up on. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall

Danish Orchards Fruit Preserves ($5.39 for 28 oz)

Credit: Amazon


Danish Orchards’ fruit preserves got our top ranking for a few different reasons. For one thing, it had the most tartness of all of the varieties we tested. For another, it’s the best value; it has more preserves than any of the competitors we tried. If you’re looking for a new favorite blackberry preserve, then Danish Orchards’ has our money.


Danish Orchards Organic Blackberry Fruit Spread ($4.09 for 14 oz)

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Danish Orchards’ fruit spread is a bit more watery than its preserves, and is a bit less tart, but it’s a good choice for those who prefer organic. It also has some seeds, but not too many, for those who want something between jam and preserves.

Best Organic

O Organics Blackberry Preserves ($4.39 for 11 oz)

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O Organics’ preserves might be a bit sweet for some tastes, but that’s the only bad thing we have to say about it. If you prefer thick preserves with plenty of fruit pieces and seeds, then you’ll enjoy this brand.

Best Preserves

Bonne Maman Blackberry Jam ($5.53 for 13 oz)

Credit: Instacart


At 13 grams, Bonne Marman’s had the most sugar of any of the varieties we tried. However, it also had the best tart taste after Danish Orchards’ Fruit Preserves. If you’re looking for something a bit on the sweet side but still with that classic blackberry bite, then this is your best bet.

Best Jam

Puget Sound Blackberry Jam ($8.09 for 16.5 oz)

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Unfortunately, this local brand might be a bit difficult for shoppers to get their hands off if they’re not in the Pacific Northwest. Still, if you happen to be in the Puget Sound area, you can do no better when it comes to seedless jams. This jam has the same consistency as Smuckers with far more flavor. Plus, it’s a local business, which we’re always in favor of supporting.

Not Our Favorites

Smuckers Blackberry Jam ($3.49 for 18 oz) and Signature Select Blackberry Preserves ($4.69 for 13 oz)

Credit: Target


Credit: Safeway


Smuckers is a childhood icon, so it pains us to put it in last place. Simply put, though, Smuckers’ blackberry jam simply doesn’t have much flavor. The same can be said of Signature Select’s offering, sadly. And both contain 12 grams of sugar, so there’s plenty of sweetness without enough fruit. For the money, you might as well put simple syrup on your toast and be done with it — or just go for Bonne Maman’s jam to get the best sugary version of blackberry spread.