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Zulay Citrus Juicer
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Who's ready for sunny-day margaritas on the patio? Before you gather up the tequila, ice, and limes, make sure you have this top-rated Zulay citrus squeezer in your barware arsenal. Seriously. Because we're not sure about you, but we're pretty over the whole hunched-over-a-counter, twisting-and-turning, breaking-a-sweat, just-to get-half-the-juice-out-of-each-lime thing that's normally involved in manually juicing. This juice press solves those problems and more. Allow us to explain.

Made with an industrial aluminum and protective coating, this juicer was engineered to be easy on hands, making it a breeze to juice more citrus, faster and more efficiently. No more flying citrus popping you in the eye — the squeezed juice is funneled swiftly through holes in the bottom.

"I love this gadget! It took me about five minutes to squeeze a bunch of limes," says one happy customer who left a 5-star review.

Another says, "I'm using fewer limes and lemons because I can get so much more out of them using this squeezer."

But want to know what doesn't get poured into your juicy bounty? Annoying citrus seeds. The holes that the juice pour out of are small enough that seeds get stopped in their tracks so you won't be fishing any out, post press.

And no need to tap pulp into the garbage like you would with other manual juicers as a part of the cleaning process. Once the juice is squeezed, you can discard the rind with seeds and pulp with one swift toss into your compost bin.

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You may have also noticed from the photo that there is a middle piece making this a two-in-one situation, lemon and lime press. Built into the juicer rather than included as an attachment, you'll never lose the lime juicer, and the compact design saves you room in your kitchen drawer. You can even choose from a variety of color combos. And lastly, while it's a cinch to quickly rinse and clean by hand, this citrus press is dishwasher safe.

This juicer has racked up thousands of reviews, overwhelmingly of the five-star variety, with comments like this one throughout: "My husband likes to make cocktails and was previously using a countertop juicer with a reservoir underneath to collect the liquid. This device is much simpler and easier to use. Just cut the lemon or lime in half and squeeze the handles together. He has commented how much he loves it every time he's used it since we bought it. Very satisfied with this product!"

OK, who's ready for those margs? Grab this top-rated juicer now, and happy hour will be faster and easier than ever.

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