Especially if you like apples.
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apple corer
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File this kitchen appliance under "things you didn't know you needed but you absolutely do." The Zulay Kitchen Store Apple Corer is a clever handheld device that removes the core and seeds from your favorite fruits, vegetables, and more, so you can enjoy your snack with ease. According to over 6,400 five-star Amazon reviewers, the unexpected appliance definitely deserves a spot in your kitchen—especially while it's on sale for just $8.

The corer features two stainless steel twin blades with serrated edges to help cut through your fruit quickly and efficiently. The ergonomic top handle helps you get a good grip on the device while coring, and once the core is removed, you can open the blades to toss the fruit scraps in the trash. While the device is marketed as an apple corer, it can also work on pears, peppers, melons, potatoes, and cupcakes. It can even remove pits from peaches and plums or seeds from cucumbers and tomatoes. 

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Amazon reviewers love how it "glides through apples like butter" and are left "speechless" at how quickly it works. 

"Probably the best $8 I've ever spent," writes a shopper. "My excitement upon its arrival was further cemented and incited by my using it! Cut through a variety of apples like butter, clean, easy to use (something I needed due to occasional arthritis symptoms and flare-ups), and so much bang for my buck!"

They also love that despite its cheap price point, it’s rust-proof, dishwasher-safe, and sturdy. 

"I was worried at first that it would be bent and unusable after a few times used," says a reviewer. "To my surprise it was very sturdy and the handle fit my big hands no problem. It has a little lever to release the core after, and cleanup was as easy as could be!"

If you're looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to enjoy seed- and core-free fruits and vegetables, grab the Zulay Kitchen Store Apple Corer for $8 at Amazon. 

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