Baby avocados have arrived at Trader Joe's!

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 25, 2017
You Can Now Buy 'Teeny Tiny' Baby Avocados at Trader Joe's
Credit: FinestWorks / Getty Images

Avocados are obviously the it-food of the moment. We love their rich, creamy insides and we won’t stop buying them, even if it means none of us will ever again be able to afford our own house.

Trader Joe’s understands our avocado obsession because they have gifted us with the regular-sized avocados adorable cousin, Teeny Tiny Avocados (yes, that's actually their official name).

They come in a cute, $2.99 mesh bag that holds six of the precious little avocados, and, as Bon Appetit reports, about the size of a lime and with a proportionally small (and adorable) pit. Not only do they taste the same as normal avocados, but they also ripen faster, which means you can enjoy them sooner – no more accidentally missing that critical moment between when a regular avocado is too hard, or too soft and brown, to eat.

The Teeny Tiny Avocados are perfect for a quick bite of avocado toast that you can finish off without half of it going brown, a mini-bowl of guacamole for one, a breakfast shake that won’t fill you up to the point of bursting, or even just a quick midday snack you could eat with a spoon. Baby avocados might literally be the Holy Grail of healthy snacking. And they’re small enough that you won’t injure your hands trying to cut into one.

The teeny tiny avocados origins aren’t quite as joy-inducing though: Smaller-than-usual avocados appear when poor weather conditions lead to smaller avocado crops.

But on the flip-side, the price is perfect considering that avocado prices in general are on the rise and are only expected to get higher in the future.

So far, they’ve only been spotted at Trader Joe’s in New York City, but they’re worth the trip if you’re in the area. A delicious, healthy food that doubles as adorable Instagram-fodder? We can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer.

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