Think of it as a virtual butler that restocks your pantry without you having to lift a finger.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 31, 2018
This Smart Pantry System Will Make Sure You Never Run Out of Snacks Again
Credit: Courtesy of WePlenish

It happens to all of us: In search of a snack, you reach into the pantry to grab your go-to protein bar and … they’re all gone. The box sits empty, the last bar eaten, and no one (yourself included, because no one’s perfect) thought to add a replacement to the grocery list.

So now you’re hungry and angry (likely even hangry). But there’s a better way. Smart home products have already revolutionized the furniture we bring into our homes, how we turn on the lights, and more—why shouldn’t they change the way we stock our pantries, too?

WePlenish’s Java Smart Container is here to do just that. The new company calls it “the World’s First Smart Container that Reorders for You,” and a campaign to fund production of the compact container launched on Kickstarter at the end of May. Through the Kickstarter campaign, backers can get early access to the WePlenish system at a discount through June 29.

The Java Smart Container uses built-in sensors to track how much of a particular item you have. Just put your favorite granola bars straight into the container and select the item in the accompanying app. When you start running low, the container (through a Wi-Fi connection) works with the WePlenish app to order more straight to your home using your Amazon Prime account.

The system works similarly to the Amazon Dash buttons (WePlenish partners with Amazon Dash Replenishment to fulfill orders), but without the step of you pushing a button to place an order: The process is completely automated, so you don’t have to think about checking how many coffee pods you have left. The app is smart enough to learn your consumption habits, so it can order more of your favorite food before you even realize you’re running low.

The container is available in white and black finishes, and its streamlined shape allows it to fit into any pantry or sit unobtrusively on a counter or coffee station. This initial container works only with packaged goods, such as coffee pods, bars, and fruit snacks, but the company is working on more that will make stocking all kinds of food a streamlined system that makes your life easier. (No more empty boxes in the pantry.) WePlenish is currently compatible with RXBAR, LÄRABAR, KIND, Nespresso, Folgers, and several other food and coffee pod brands, and the list is growing.

For $20 (or more, if you’re so inclined), you can order a Java Smart Container now for delivery in September. The containers will be available later in the year from retailers for an expected $40, so you’d be getting a steep discount—plus early access to a system that could change the way you do your grocery shopping. WePlenish has a $50,000 Kickstarter goal to fund production; if that goal isn’t reached by the end of June, backers won’t be charged, so it’s a no-risk investment in your pantry system. And if you’re intrigued by the concept, there are other backing options to pledge more money to the campaign, with a range of benefits.

For more information, check out WePlenish’s website or the Kickstarter page, active now through June 29.

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