Fresh flowers are an affordable option for Valentine's Day gifts this year, thanks to these great prices on grocery store roses.

The Best Valentine’s Day Flower Deals From Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and More
Credit: Whole Foods

We'd never turn down fresh roses on Valentine's Day, so we're pretty thrilled to see that the classic blooms are so affordable right now at some of our favorite grocery stores.

From Feb. 7 to 14, Amazon and Whole Foods are offering two dozen roses for $25. Prime members save an additional $5, bringing the price to just $20. Whole Foods employees will be available at all stores to wrap bouquets and arrange the flowers (though we came up with some easy flower arranging tips so you can do it yourself, too). The flowers are part of the grocery store's Whole Trade program, meaning a portion of the money goes back to the communities where the flowers are sourced.

From Feb. 10 to 14, Trader Joe’s is selling a dozen roses for $13 in a variety of colors. They’ve even suggested grocery store products to pair with the flowers—red with marinara sauce, pink with strawberry yogurt smoothies, purple with frozen acai packets, yellow with cookies, white with coconut chunks, and orange with mac and cheese. Perfect for the Trader Joe's junkie in your life.

From Feb. 11 to 14, Aldi’s bouquet of one dozen roses is on sale for $13. Additionally, they’re selling Valentine’s-inspired treats for a limited time, including chocolate truffles and heart-shaped marshmallows.

Lastly, Costco is selling 50 stem roses for just $50, available for delivery on Feb. 9, 13, or 14. Choose between a bouquet of 50 red, or a combination of red and white.

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