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This Smart Microwave Has So Many Time-Saving Features, It'll Be Hard to Choose Your Favorite

It’s got more than 20,000 perfect ratings for a reason.
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The one thing that would make cooking your favorite meal even more enjoyable is if you didn't have to clean up afterward. Though a self-cleansing kitchen is not available on the market (yet), a microwave that basically cleans itself exists. And it's programmed with so many other convenient features that you might as well consider it the futuristic assistant of your dreams. 

The Toshiba microwave oven has a specially designed interior coating that prevents leftover grub from sticking to the surface and keeps stains away for good. Even the materials on the control panel and front window are smudge-resistant. With these innovative features, all you really have to do is wipe down the appliance every so often. 

Along with its easy-clean capabilities, the microwave also has a smart sensor that "detects the humidity level of the food during cooking, then automatically adjusts time and temperature for optimal results," according to the brand. This addition is especially handy for meal prepping or multitasking in the kitchen. Now, your baked potatoes can be perfectly soft and your steamed veggies can still have a fresh and flavorful crunch without any extra effort. 

"This microwave deserves a 10-star rating as far as I am concerned," wrote one shopper. "It is compact, fits great on my counter. It is easy to use, has every level and power you would ever need and it is so quiet, I barely hear it."

The 20.5-inch by 12.8-inch smart microwave also has specific sensor settings designed to perfectly cook popcorn, rice, frozen veggies, and frozen pizzas. There are so many smart modes to use, it will be hard to pick your favorite. Utilize the customizable defrosting menu, which takes into account weight and food type, to figure out the perfect amount of time for whatever you're thawing. Turn on ECO mode to reduce standby power used by up to 50%. Melt soft cheeses and butter without overdoing it by selecting the soften function. The time-saving possibilities are endless. 

You can even mute the buzzer so late night snackers no longer have to worry about waking up others while zapping up leftovers at midnight. What's more, the large LED display screen keeps every option easy to see even while in the dark.  

With all these properties, it should come as no surprise that this model is the best-selling microwave on Amazon. It's garnered more than 20,000 perfect reviews and maintains an impressive 4.6-star rating—all for under $130. 

One shopper raved that it's an appliance worthy of the price tag that you "should not pass up," and another said it's the "best microwave we've ever owned."

This microwave oven takes all of the guesswork out of quick cooking and keeps the process convenient and easy from start to finish. Shop the smart appliance below. 

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