Fourth mealers of the world, rejoice

By Tim Nelson
Updated December 18, 2017
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Credit: Photo by Joshua Blanchard via Getty Images for Taco Bell

After what’s felt like years of rumors, it’s finally happening. Taco Bell will now serve their own beer, transforming what was already a popular spot for satisfying drunk munchies into a legitimate pregame or after-hours spot.

The new brew comes in honor of the mexican fast food chain’s new Huntington Beach “Cantina” location, an upscale, no-drive-thru concept that’s already rolled out in places like Chicago and Brooklyn. A press release touts this location’s “local mural and ocean view,” features that seek to elevate their brand into something worthy of a more Instagrammable dining experience.

But before you get excited to chug a cheesy gordita cerveza, it’s worth noting that this is a real beer with bona-fide craft origins. Brewed by Taco Bell tastemakers in partnership with Huntington Beach’s own Four Sons Brewing, Beach Bell will be a Mexican-style amber lager “made with a unique flavor profile to enhance and compliment Taco Bell’s food and flavors.” For the beer snobs out there, it’s described as "light, crisp, and refreshing," offering "a smooth and robust taste with a clean finish."

Though Beach Bell will only be available at the Huntington Beach Cantina for a limited time, the new location is just one of 300 Cantina outposts planned nationwide in the years ahead. While not every location will offer a limited-edition beer (or ocean views), patrons can expect “a smaller footprint leveraging urban or in-line development, localized design and artwork as well as alcohol offerings,” according to the company. So no matter where you live, your dreams of brandishing an open container in a Taco Bell without feeling judged will soon come true.

No word on whether or not you’ll be able to pair your Naked Egg Taco with a hair of the dog brew (damn puritanical alcohol regulations), but you never know. Here’s hoping for some sort of Baja Blast cocktail next.

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