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I Replaced All My Dinnerware With This Gorgeous 16-Piece Set

Goodbye, old mismatched bowls and plates.
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When my fiancé and I bought a house last spring, our to-do list instantly filled with dozens of tasks, from fixing up the backyard to buying new furniture for the living room. With so many big projects to take on, we knew we needed to put some of our smaller wants, such as replacing our years-old, mismatched collection of dishware, on the back burner for a while. 

As much sense as that made, though, I still felt antsy to upgrade those items —so when Stone + Lain sent me a 16-piece dinnerware set featuring plates, bowls, and mugs a few months ago, it came as a massive relief. Although I wasn't previously familiar with Stone + Lain, I knew instantly upon seeing the brand's pieces that we were a match made in heaven. 

The collection consists of four round dinner plates, four smaller salad plates, four bowls, and four mugs, all of which were designed in a gorgeous green color with a perfectly paired cream rim (the other color options the brand offered me were pink/cream and dark gray/cream, but this was my favorite).


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The stoneware looked beautiful all together, and when I checked out each item individually, I became impressed with the high quality as well. Not only were they all thankfully dishwasher- and microwave-safe, but they were the ideal balance of lightweight yet sturdy, ready to hold everything from heaping piles of pasta to overflowing bowls of ice cream—obviously, I tested out the priority meals first.

Immediately, I took out all of our older dishware—many pieces of which were chipped, scratched, or otherwise looking a bit worse for wear—and put them aside in favor of the new Stone + Lain set. Seeing how beautiful the matching pieces looked in our cabinets gave me true joy, as did knowing that I could now cross one substantial task off that ever-growing to-do list. And when we had company over one night and I set out the dinnerware for everyone, I was thrilled by just how many compliments our guests threw our way. 

Although I was lucky enough to receive these dishes directly from the brand, I'm certain that when the time eventually comes to replace even more of our older items, I'll buy myself another set. With the 16 pieces costing just $65, it feels like a no-brainer (and FYI, if you have a bigger family or just want more options, you can double up and get a 32-piece set for $120). Plus, if for some reason I decided I wasn't feeling the new additions, Stone + Lain offers a full refund or replacement item within 30 days after the purchase. 

If I do decide to re-up on the dinnerware, I might go for the same green/cream color combo, or I might switch things up and try out a marble-swirled porcelain set, or perhaps this square-shaped black collection embellished with lovely gold leaves. It'll be a difficult choice, but knowing that whichever option I go with will inevitably give my kitchen a serious upgrade will make it all worth it. Shop these patterns below and more from Stone + Lain on Amazon.


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