Smiths Jiffy Pro Knife Sharpener

This Handheld Knife Sharpener Will Make Your Blades Look Brand New—and It's Only $4 Today

Give your cutlery some TLC.
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When you invest hundreds of dollars in top-notch kitchen knives, you want to ensure they'll last. And one of the most important steps to keeping your blades at peak performance is sharpening them. Experts recommend fine-tuning your knives every one to three months if you're slicing and dicing daily. It not only makes blades easier to use, but safer, too.

So if you're thinking of springing for a knife sharpener of your own, we have very good news: One of Amazon's best-selling options is marked down to just $4.

Smith Jiffy Pro Knife Sharpener
Credit: Amazon

To buy: Smith's Jiffy Pro Handheld Sharpener, $4 (originally $13) at

The Smith's Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener is an excellent choice for breathing new life into knives with V-shaped edges. The tool has two sharpening slots, one with crossed carbide blades for dull and damaged knives, and a second with ceramic rods for honing and quick touch ups. Plus, it has an additional sharpener for scissors or shears.

Using the Jiffy-Pro sharpener is as simple as pushing and pulling. Just run blades through the coarse, fine, or shear slots until your cutlery has a keen edge. It might take a couple of swipes, but thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by the sharpener's results. 

"With the first pull over the knife edge, I can feel the sharpening at work," a shopper said. "After a couple more strokes of coarse sharpening, and finishing with fine, the knife was so much sharper than before when using the whetstone."   

Users particularly rave about the Jiffy-Pro's shear sharpening function, with one writing, "Bought this in the hopes that it would bring new life to a couple of pairs of kitchen shears, and I must admit that I was astonished. Two pairs had reached the point at which they couldn't begin to chew their way through chicken fat, but after just a few passes on this sharpener, I have a healthy fear of their edge once again."

The Jiffy-Pro sharpener is typically an affordable $13, but right now you can get it for an absolute steal of $4. There's no telling how long this price cut will last, though, so hurry and add it to your Amazon cart now. 

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