This Brilliant Product Can Make 32 Meatballs in Less Than 1 Minute

You can use it for cookie dough and energy bites, too.
By Karla Walsh
January 26, 2021
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A big bowl of meatball mix is midway through the portioning cycle, and you're scooping and shaping like an all-star chef. Then out of the blue, your phone rings, someone is at the door, or your kids spill something that's inching all-too-close to your laptop.

A lot of us have been there, felt that — or are simply looking for a way to handle raw meat less often or at least for shorter periods of time.

Enter the Shape+Store Master Meatball Making Tool, a silicone mold that makes it easy and quick to create 32 evenly-sized portions with a simple spread and press technique. (Fill the bottom layer, use a spatula to push the ingredients about evenly from one end to the other, stack on the top layer, and press together to create hexagonal one-ounce pieces.)

Since this method requires less mixing by hand, the meat will stay more tender and cook evenly since you're guaranteed to have equal-sized meatballs. At this point, you can either remove the meatballs and bake, saute or air fry them immediately, or freeze them and remove just as many meatballs as your recipe calls for on future days. The tool is designed to prevent freezer burn and is easy to stack to max out your freezer space.

If you're not a big meatball maven, this also makes quick work out of meatless meatballs, mac and cheese bites, cookie dough, arancini, falafel, energy bites and more. You might need to pop them out and round off the edges for a sphere shape, but the tough part is done for you with this kitchen tool.

One fan raves: "Such a timesaver! Much faster than doing them by hand, with a cookie scoop or with a handheld meatballer, plus they are all uniform in size. Very pleased with this product!"

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