This is not an April Fools' Day joke
Sam's Club Unicorn Cake
Credit: Courtesy of Sam's Club

Planning a birthday party for a kid involves juggling so many logistics that the process can turn out to be more mind-numbing than exciting. There has to be enough food and cake to feed a crowd of hungry, restless children, keeping them happy with games and entertainment all the while. Planning such a party is not a task meant for the faint of heart. Most people just don’t have the time to bake a cake from scratch, and that’s okay. Sam’s Club is here to make the job slightly easier for you though: Starting April 1, the members-only grocery store will debut a three-tier unicorn cake that feeds 66 people.

The cake is actually a gorgeous creation: The first tier is crowned with a golden unicorn horn and pink eyelashes. The second tier is covered in rainbow sprinkles. The third tier is decorated with an ombre rainbow. All this, and the cake will only cost you $68.98.

For lovers all things rainbow colored and cute, the unicorn trend has far from died out in the food world. Clearly, the cake is inspired by these lookalikes on Pinterest, which are extremely trendy at the moment, meaning any kid would be absolutely thrilled to have the massive creation unveiled on his birthday. And since it feeds so many people you could make it the centerpiece of a quinceañera, bar or bat mitzvah, or even a small wedding.

The cake comes made to order in either chocolate or vanilla, meaning you have to call ahead to pre-order it. The unicorn cake is perfect for any magical or fantasy themed party, and with its bright colors, it’s just calling out for sunshine and warm weather.

Of course, only people who are truly dedicated to unicorns will find a way to make every food at the party unicorn-themed, and trust me it is possible: Unicorn grits, unicorn cereal, and unicorn cannoli can adorn your dinner table in all their sparkly, pink majesty.

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