Yes, yes you do.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Updated August 03, 2018
Credit: Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Do you dream in shades of hickory smoke? Do you have Wet-Naps on you at all time? Is your idea of reading paging through a collection of barbecue recipes? Do we have the job for you!

Reynolds Kitchens, which owns Reyndols Wrap, is looking for a "Chief Grilling Officer" (ahem, CGO) to grow its digital barbecue content. In the temporary role, you'll be whisked around America for two weeks — hotels, travel, and grub, of course, included — in search of the country's greatest 'cue and collect a fatty $10,000 paycheck, to boot. Bonus: You can bring along a friend or family member for the tasty journey.

So what else do we know about this heavenly adventure? "Besides stuffing their face, the CGO will participate in Q&A's with chefs, take behind-the-scenes photos, and try out some cooking techniques and recipes—all of which will be featured on and the company's social media accounts," reports Bridget Hallinan for Condé Nast Traveler. "Many details surrounding the trip itself haven't been confirmed yet, but we've been told that the CGO will be visiting Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, Dallas, and Austin over their two-week journey—a.k.a. where you'll find some of America's best barbecue."

To apply, email a picture of yourself grilling with 100 words on why you're a great fit for the job to by Monday, August 13th.

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Too bad they're not offering us a mailing address so we could pop by with some biscuits, mac and cheese, and otherworldly braised cola-and-bourbon brisket to seal the deal.

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