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This Pastry Tool Could Be the Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Pie Crusts

Bonus: It costs less than $20!
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Compared to boxed cake mix desserts, low-fuss crisps and cobblers, and graham cracker-crusted pies and tarts, pastry-lined pies can be intimidating for home bakers. Keep the butter ice cold. Don't add too much water. Or flour. "But wait, should I add vodka? And how do I actually roll it out round?"

Our top 10 tips for your best pie ever can coach you through all of those details and more, and our archives of fan-favorite pie crust recipes can act as your guide for ingredient ratios. When it comes to making those bakery-quality, Instagram-worthy toppings, however, the plot can thicken even more.

First, you have to consider all your options: Lattice-topped, full double-crust, single-crust, or single with peek-a-boo topping? Crimped, fluted, or folded edge? Dusted with sugar? Washed with egg?

We've got your back with our step-by-step pie crust guide, lattice 101, and pastry cutout primer. As for the edges, we love the rustic, handmade look of the traditional, grandma-style fluted crust.

But for less than $20, the Williams Sonoma Fall Rolling Impression Pie Crust Cutter has hopped onto the baking scene to make said edges easier and spiffier than ever.

Buy it: Williams Sonoma Rolling Pie Crust Impression Mold, $19.95; Williams Sonoma

As you enjoy the last of summer produce in your berry and cherry pies, or look ahead to apple and pumpkin harvest time and holiday pie season, this pie crust mold will come in handy, literally, to keep your crust nice and cold as you achieve an eye-catching look.

Simply roll out the extra scraps from your pastry recipe into a long strip, then use the wand and one of the four impression wheel molds (ripple, braid, rope, and block) to adorn your crust with an impressive design. Carefully transfer the strips to the edge of the pie to wrap around your masterpiece, or use strips to accent the top lattice-style and around the edge.

If you're feeling indecisive about which wheel mold you like most, mixing and matching actually looks amazing. Try alternating braid and rope strips across the top to make a stunning impression.

We adore the classic Williams Sonoma Rolling Pie Crust Impression Mold for all seasons, but if you tend to stick to autumn as your pie prime time, you might also want to consider the Williams Sonoma Fall Rolling Impression Pie Crust Cutter that comes with acorn, apple, braid, and oak leaf patterns on the wheels.

Any and all of the wheel ways, the slice and the price is right.

Buy it: Williams Sonoma Fall Rolling Impression Pie Crust Cutter, $19.95; Williams Sonoma

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