It's the most crème ever stuck in the sandwich cookie.

Oreo Confirms ‘Most Stuf’ Cookie Coming Next Year
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Most intrepid young children know the joy realizing that once you’ve twisted a couple of Oreo cookies apart, you can shove the two creme-covered sides together to create one monster double-stuffed Oreo. Despite having no historical evidence to back up this claim, that’s likely how the idea of the Double Stuf Oreo came to light. Of course, you can also take two Double Stuf Oreos, twist them apart and shove the two creamy sides together to create a legendary “Quadruple Stuf Oreo.” But the people at Nabisco wouldn’t dare release such a crème-filled monstrosity, would they? Apparently, they kinda would.

After over two weeks of speculation, Mondelez International—owner of Nabisco, maker of Oreos—has confirmed that, indeed, the rumored Most Stuf Oreo will be released in January 2019, according to Today. Additional details are slim, but the brand states that this new cookie will truly be its most stuffed to date, featuring more than triple the original crème than your run-of-the-mill Oreo. Additionally, the extra-filled Oreos will be launched with a promotional campaign featuring giveaways of “some really great stuff” that will offer customers the chance to “scan your cookie for the chance to win.” Does that imply that these cookies might contain more than just a mind-boggling amount of crème? Apparently, we’ll find out in a few months.

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Rumors of the Most Stuf Oreo began swirling, and rightfully so, back on October 6 when the typically reliable site The Junk Food Aisle posted a pic to its Instagram page featuring what it billed as an “actual product photo” of two of the super-filled Oreos with the simple tagline “coming soon.” Though Today says that this particular photo has not been officially verified by Mondelez, obviously someone over at The Junk Food Aisle had an inside source that knew what was in the pipeline.

At the same time, however, as exciting as Oreo’s most-crème-filled-ever cookie may be, in many ways, it’s just another day, another variety for the brand which has essentially turned its whole marketing scheme into constantly rolling out new variations on the world’s best-selling cookie. Not that we’re complaining, but we also wouldn’t be surprised to see something like an “Even Most-er Stuf” Oreo rolling out in March.

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