Peeps go to breakfast, churro-flavored eggs, and more.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated February 26, 2019
Easter Candy 2019: All the New Treats Hitting Your Basket This Year
Credit: Courtesy of Peeps.

Watch out, chocolate bunnies—while we’re still about two months out from Easter, that hasn’t stopped candy companies from cranking out plenty of new treats for the holiday. We’re talking new M&M’s, churro-flavored eggs from Russell Stover (more on that in a minute), and a slew of Peeps you’ll want to include in your Easter basket. Marshmallow was definitely a prevailing theme this year (in competition with Peeps, perhaps?), as were some truly unique flavor combinations—see the full candy roundup below, and keep checking back as we add more in the weeks leading up to Easter.


According to Insider, white chocolate marshmallow M&M’s have hit Target this Easter season, which apparently taste more like white chocolate than marshmallow, and come in three colors: white, blue, and a beige-y color.

Russell Stover

If you’re into cinnamon and sugar, look no further than Russell Stover’s new churro marshmallow eggs, which are exactly what they sound like—churro-flavored marshmallow eggs, wrapped in a candy shell. The Daily Meal reports that the churro egg is starting to appear in local stores.


New Peeps Products.
Credit: Courtesy of Just Born.

Courtesy of Just Born.

This is a busy year for Peeps, and fans will find several new flavors (and candies!) this spring. Nationally, there are three additions to the Peeps marshmallow family—pancakes & syrup, cotton candy, and orange sherbet flavored Peeps Delights dipped in crème-flavored fudge (so basically, Creamsicle). There are also four new Peeps exclusively launching at select stores, including root beer float marshmallow chicks at Kroger, and Peeps Filled Delights in a chocolate caramel swirl flavor. Plus, Peeps jelly beans and milk chocolate bunnies will also be a thing—so you have Peeps to thank when you’re filling up Easter baskets.


If you've ever wondered how carrot cake and chocolate would go together, you’re in luck—Dove White Chocolate Carrot Cake Promises have launched exclusively at Target, first spotted by @candyhunting on Instagram. The label says that they come with graham-flavored crisps—and, considering how much bunnies supposedly love carrots, it’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.


Earlier this year, Cadbury announced its new "Shimmer Mini Eggs," which are milk chocolate eggs coated in a sparkling, pastel candy shell. They'll make a pretty addition to your Easter candy haul, and they're tasty too—we got to try them out and gave them a thumbs-up.

This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

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