Because mornings are more delightful with mouse ears and a big smile.

By Clara Olshansky
November 28, 2017
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YE AUNG THU / Getty Images

If your Disney obsession goes way beyond the call of duty—like, if at least half of your underwear is Disney-themed or if you spent your life savings on an epic Disney World vacation last year—then why shouldn't your breakfast be as Mickey Mouse-ful as your soul? Here are some ways to start your morning off with your favorite animated mouse. (We hope Jerry won't get offended.)

Mickey Mouse Boiled Eggs


Okay, so Tokyo Disneyland’s Plaza Restaurant might actually be magical, because they've managed to create boiled eggs with Mickey Mouse-shaped yolks, and, unless they're doing some seriously advanced (and seriously questionable) genetic modifications on chickens, there's probably something else at play here. Thanks to SoraNews24, you can actually find out how it's done. It involves separating out the yolk, partly boiling the white, scooping a mouse shape out, putting the yolk back in, and finishing the boiling.

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Mickey Mouse Fried Eggs

If you'd rather have your eggs fried than boiled, these Mickey Mouse egg rings are here for you to make every brunch a Disney brunch.

Mickey Mouse Eggs-in-a-Hole

Or you could go for Mickey Mouse eggs-in-a-hole with this sandwich cutter. You can also, of course, make Mickey Mouse sandwiches and Mickey-shaped toast with it.

Mickey Mouse Toaster

Speaking of Mickey Mouse toast, this toaster, for just $15, will give you Mickey-branded toast every morning.

Mickey Eggo Waffles

For a super quick, easy Mickey Mouse breakfast you can buy these Mickey Mouse frozen waffles at Target.

Mickey Waffle Maker

If your waffle palette is a little more refined, and you prefer to make your Mickey-shaped waffles fresh, you might enjoy this waffle maker for $27 on Amazon.

Mickey Mouse Pancakes


More into crepes or pancakes than waffles? The beauty of Mickey Mouse is that if you take a large circle and two smaller circles of anything and arrange them right, you pretty much have his face. So two small pancakes, a medium-sized pancake, some fresh fruit, and a little bit of whipped cream make up this charming Mickey Mouse breakfast.

Mickey Mouse Cereal Bowl

If you're more into cereal and milk than hot breakfast, this Mickey-shaped bowl has you covered. Don't let the baby-friendly fork and spoon it comes with keep you from enjoying a delightful breakfast experience.

Mickey Mouse Coffee Maker

If Mickey Mouse is the only significant other in your life a) that's a little weird, so you may want to talk to your therapist about that, and b) this single-serve Mickey Mouse coffee maker with a matching mug is the perfect way to start your morning.

Mickey Mouse Cappucino


Another Mickey Mouse coffee option is this charming Mickey Mouse cappuccino from Disney Cruises. Try recreating it at home with a little bit of cocoa powder and a Mickey Mouse stencil (and there are a bunch of those on Etsy).


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