They help eliminate food waste.

By Andrea Marie
May 06, 2021
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food resealer
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Fewer things are more frustrating than reaching for something in your fridge, only to realize it's spoiled. After spending so much time shopping, cooking (not to mention the hard-earned money spent on food), it's less than ideal when you don't get to use your groceries. That's where food vacuum sealers come into play. These handy devices help prevent any air from getting into packed food that eventually leads to spoiling. Unfortunately, they're typically bulky, take up a lot of space in your kitchen, and aren't portable enough to bring along anywhere. That's why the Mempedont Mini Vacuum Sealer is a genius hack for keeping your food fresh and eliminating food waste. 

The handy tool is actually a two-in-one product, with the ability to seal and cut through bags when needed. It operates through a pre-heating system that allows you to reuse bags that you originally used to preserve your food with the vacuum sealer. Because it’s made from ABS material, the sealer isn’t put at risk when exposed to high and low temperatures. It requires two double AA batteries to operate, which are not included in the packaging. 

For those who love snacking, this tool is especially useful. Let's say you buy a bag of chips while you're out and about, and you decide not to finish them but don't want them to go stale. All you have to do is flip the switch, allow the sealer to pre-heat for three to five seconds, and seal the bag closed. You won't have to worry about stale chips or rolling up the bag, and it fits right in your bag or pocket. 

The opposite end of the vacuum sealer is where the cutter is. When you're looking to open a bag of any sealed food, the cutter makes it easy to just slide across and cut it open effortlessly. It also comes with a small hook so you can place it in a variety of places when powered off. 

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And the device has more uses than just sealing and cutting bags of food. In theory, you're preventing bacterial growth and food decay, and you're also eliminating the exposure to the smell of different foods. 

Customers have written raving reviews about the sealer, especially when it comes to its size and affordability. “This is as easy and simple as it gets. Just heat it up, and slide it across the bag. I'm now using it on bread bags, sandwich bags and other uses that I couldn't seal before. I highly recommend it,” one said. “This is a fantastic way to secure food and keep it fresh. It should be a staple item in everyone's kitchen,” said another. 

The Mempedont Mini Vacuum Sealer is available in three different colors and only costs $18 on Amazon for a pack of two. 

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