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Amazon Shoppers Say This Cast-Iron Lodge Wok Is the 'World's Best'-and It's 41% Off

Everything I make with this wok comes out magically delicious.”
By Amy Schulman
June 14, 2021
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If you're ever attempted to stir fry heaps of vegetables in a traditional skillet, you'll be familiar with how impossible it is to keep everything in the pan. After all, a skillet's straight, low sides weren't designed to tackle such tasks. Instead, you'll need a wok for all your stir fry and sautéing needs. A great and affordable place to start is with the 14-Inch Lodge Pro-Logic Wok, which is currently 41% off on Amazon.

The Lodge wok is built with tall, sloping sides and a larger surface area than a typical skillet or sauté pan. Thanks to the durable cast iron, the wok retains heat much better compared to other metals, searing meats and simmering sauces at high heat. It's got large handles, so it can be easily moved from the stovetop to the oven, along with a flat base that fits on top of all cooking surfaces, including glass, electric, and induction.   

Upon arrival, the wok is ready to be used since it's been pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil, making the coating naturally nonstick. Use the wok to sear, sauté, bake, broil, fry, or grill, and when you're all done, just wash the cast iron with a bit of mild soap, dry with a lint-free cloth, and rub with a bit of neutral oil; this will not only prolong the life of the cast iron but also continuously strengthen the seasoning.  

To buy: 14-Inch Lodge Pro-Logic Wok, $50 (originally $85) at amazon.com.

Shoppers adore this Lodge wok, which has earned over 4,400 five-star ratings on Amazon. Reviewers call it the "world's best home wok" that's "great for various types of cooking." One user is so impressed with the pan, noting that "everything I make with this wok comes out magically delicious."

"This is an absolutely wonderful wok," one five-star shopper says. "Most woks have to be held in place when you're stir-frying a meal, and the heat dispersion gets lost on the way up the sides. But this cast iron wok rids a chef of all the little headaches. It does not move at all because of its weight and design, with naturally even heat dispersion all the way to the top because it's cast iron. Best wok ever!"

"I have had at least a dozen woks in my life," another reviewer shares. "Many of these were supposed to be nonstick but most failed. I thought the new Le Creuset one would be the answer, but when I saw the price, the clerk gave me a hint to buy the Lodge one which was far less expensive and worked better. I am glad I followed her advice. It is fully seasoned and does not stick, and even while hot [it] does not have extraordinary hot spots or burn food. If you like to stir fry, you gotta have this!"

Head over to Amazon and shop the 14-Inch Lodge Pro-Logic Wok for just $50 before it reverts back to its original price.