Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan

Lodge's Cast Iron Loaf Pan Is the Perfect Way to Kick Off Fall Baking—and It's on Sale

Guaranteed golden crusts.
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Whether you're sad to see summer go or have been counting down the days until you can sip a pumpkin spice latte without judgement, it's the perfect time to bake quick bread. Speedy and simple, quick breads easily adapt to whatever flavors you're craving: late-summer zucchini, tropical coconut, spiced pear, or a savory cheesy twist. And to ensure breads achieve crispy edges and even bakes, we're eyeing a unique loaf pan from Lodge.

Typically, loaf pans are made from metal, glass, or ceramic, but Lodge used its renowned cast iron to craft bakeware with exceptional heat retention and an easy-release finish. And now's an excellent time to try it out for yourself—it's 33% off on Amazon.  

To buy: Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan, $20 (originally $30) at amazon.com

When it comes to cast iron, Lodge is a celebrated classic. For 125 years, the Tennessee-based maker has produced high-quality cookware that reliably handles searing temperatures and frequent use. In fact, the brand's 12-inch skillet is our top pick for cast iron pans.

Cast iron has several qualities that make it an excellent baking tool. The material produces a steady, uniform heat that results in extra golden crusts and builds up a naturally nonstick coating with every seasoning. And while glass shatters and metal scratches, cast iron is practically indestructible.

The Lodge loaf pan measures 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches and features two helper handles for fuss-free lifting from oven to countertop. Plus it comes pre-seasoned for out-of-the-box use.

If you think this pan is just a one-trick pony, think again. Quick breads are just the beginning of what this pan can do. As we move into colder months, use the Lodge tool to bake comforting classics like meatloaf, cheesy casseroles, pull-apart breads, or even chicken pot pie.

The Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan typically costs $30, but Amazon dropped the price to just $20. There's no telling how long this deal will last—and fall is just weeks away—so hurry and add it to your cart now for a season of perfect bakes.