They say it’s the “greatest invention since the paper clip.”

By Sanah Faroke
May 03, 2021
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Kitchen Mama Can Opener
| Credit: Amazon

Whether you're a seasoned home cook or new to the chef life, a major hack to making quick meals is using delicious ingredients that are long-lasting, aka canned. Everything from beans to salmon can be sealed in a tin, which means an easy-to-use can opener is a must-have in the kitchen. And none is simpler than the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener, a "genius" gadget with over 20,700 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who say it's truly hands- and pain-free. 

The Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener is one of the most "creative" options on the market. It gets rid of the potentially hazardous ordeal that is can-opening because there's no more twisting or turning involved, making it perfect for people who have arthritis. The battery-operated device automatically removes the can's lid with the push of a button. Just line the can opener up and press the large button on top, then "let it do its magic." 

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Designed to cut 360 degrees around the can, shoppers say it is "effortless to use" and takes the stress off of your hands. Once it makes its way around the lid, just tap the button again and remove it, along with the lid. 

Unlike other openers, the Kitchen Mama is cleverly made to cut the lid in such a way that gives it a smooth, rounded edge to prevent accidents and cuts. And because it doesn't come in contact with the food inside, you won't have to worry about food contamination, either. 

Amazon shoppers who have arthritis or disabilities call the one-touch can opener a "godsend" and the "bees knees of can openers," while others say it's the "greatest invention since the paper clip."

"I have arthritis in my hands pretty bad, and using even an expensive manual opener had gotten to be too much for me," writes one Amazon shopper. "It seems to know where to go and what it is supposed to do — almost like having a little trained robot opener… It's actually fun to use, and I almost find myself looking forward to opening that can of beans!"

Another reviewer shared that they bought the can opener for a friend who has one arm. "He loves it. [He] can easily open cans because it works all by itself with the touch of a button," they write. "This quality unit has restored his ability to do what he loves and that is [to] cook! I am going to get one for myself!"If you're still struggling to open canned foods, follow the thousands of Amazon shoppers who have upgraded their cooking set-ups with the $29 Kitchen Mama electric can opener.

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