Here's when and where to find it.

Reese's Coffee Creamer
Credit: International Delight

There isn't a candy that's captured humanity's heart quite like a Reese's Cup. The Reese's formula could stay the same until the end of time and remain beloved. Peanut butter and chocolate are an unbeatable combination, and they upgrade anything that comes their way.

If you're a fan of Reese's cups and want to upgrade your daily dose of caffeine, you'll be pleased to know the dream you didn't even know you should have has come true. International Delight is releasing a ready-to-drink Reese's iced coffee so you can start your day the best way possible — with peanut butter, chocolate, and coffee.

"REESE's pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is iconic, and as the leader in iced coffee, we could not think of a better partner to bring a unique and decadent experience to fridges nationwide," said Rebecca Grad, brand manager of International Delight Coffee. "This sweet and creamy mashup is going to take iced coffee and REESE's lovers to tantalizing new levels."

International Delight's Reese's Iced Coffee is slated to hit supermarket shelves nationwide in early October, and the 64-ounce containers will retail for a suggested price of $3.99. And while a Reese's coffee does feel like the right way to welcome fall, this will be part of International Delight's permanent lineup of iced coffees — good thing International Delight knows there's never a wrong time for a Reese's cup.

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