It'll be in stores later this spring.

By Zee Krstic
March 08, 2018
Photo courtesy of Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot has lifted a lot of the burden off home cooks when it comes to putting classic dishes on the table. But the newest version, called the Instant Pot Max, looks like it will once again revolutionize some time-consuming kitchen tasks.

The Instant Pot that you likely already own is a magical gadget that can do many things, from ultra speedy pressure cooking, to making perfect rice, and even making complicated desserts easy as, well, pie.

But, as The Kitchn reports, the forthcoming Instant Pot Max adds a couple of really nifty capabilities to the lineup, including an automatic stirring feature (hello self-stirred risotto!) and a canning function for preserving food.

That's right. The new Instant Pot Max is equipped with technology that lets the pressure cooker reach upwards of 15 PSI to effectively preserve things like jams, sauces, and fruit. The feature will revolutionize the way you use your kitchen to save the best foods of each season, like these preserved figs from the height of a summer harvest.

In addition to the new canning mode, and the automatic stirring function, there is a laundry list of safety features (which may or may not dissuade any fears of malfunctions). These features include a new touch screen as well as automatic slow venting, pulsed venting, and a new quick-release venting feature.

The Instant Pot Max is expected to launch in May or June and is reportedly only available in the six-quart model. The price tag is estimated to be around $200, but that may change as the manufacturer rolls out the model into storefronts across the nation. We'll update this story with more information, and where to find your new Instant Pot, as it becomes available.