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These Extra-Large Inflatable Serving Trays Keep Food Cool, Even in 'Brutal' Heat

Get them now before summer begins.
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Picnics in the park, Memorial Day cookouts, lazy beach days—we're on the cusp of summer and all we want to do is head outdoors. And now that more and more of us are fully vaccinated, it feels like the perfect time to do so with friends and family.   

Maybe we're biased, but outdoor get-togethers need something for people to snack and sip on. And no matter if you're serving six-packs of hard seltzer, finger sandwiches, or bowls of potato salad, Amazon shoppers say this inflatable serving tray is an "absolute necessity" for outdoor buffets.

While ice chests do an excellent job of keeping contents chilled, they can be a literal pain to dig through. But Jollylife inflatable serving bars shallow enough for guests to easily grab food and drinks without a "National Treasure"-level search. And though they're made of simple plastic, users say they maintain food-safe temperatures for hours.

To buy: Jollylife 3-Piece Inflatable Serving Bar, $21 at amazon.com

"They [are] outstanding!" one wrote. "Three bags of crushed ice kept large stainless steel bowls of pasta under 40 degrees for over 18 hours—we served from them for a few hours but did not clean up until the following day, and I was surprised to see that they were still maintaining in the safe zone so many hours later!"

With interiors measuring 17.1 inches wide by 44.1 inches long, the extra large trays can hold multiple dishes and drinks for a crowd. They also come with a small hand pump for easy inflating, and feature a drainage plug on the bottom if you need to refill with ice.

Reviewers said they've used the Jollylife serving bars for a wide range of gatherings, including birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, and family reunions. More than a few called them "life-savers."

"I got these for my son's birthday party to keep the food cold," a shopper said. "Texas summer heat is brutal, [but] they worked great! They were easy to bring to the pool, set up, and take down."

Best of all? The three-piece set costs $21, which breaks down to just $7 per tray. No wonder reviewers call them a bargain. Add them to your Amazon cart now before summer officially begins.