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Joanna Gaines' Food Dome Will Keep Your Picnic Fare Pest-Free — and It Costs Less Than $15

Protect your charcuterie spread all afternoon long with this pretty, easy-to-tote cover.
By Karla Walsh
June 07, 2021
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Imagine it now: The sun is shining down on your SPF-ed shoulders on a 78 degree F summer day. You have a cool, icy glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade in hand, and the picnic table is set with an epic charcuterie board for you and your BFFs to snack on as you catch up on everything, from your travel plans to the latest season of Top Chef to your latest family adventures.

It's all pretty picture perfect … that is, until the biggest buzzkill decides to join the party: flies, mosquitos, and other bugs that are set on stealing as many bites as possible from your snack spread. For this occasion, and really any outdoor affair where you're serving food (say, a tailgate, block party, or barbeque), a food cover can come in clutch.

While they all do the job, many are too big, too small, too light, or too unwieldy. But we just discovered one that's designed by none other than Joanna Gaines herself, that's fixed up to be the "Goldilocks" of food covers. It's medium-sized, sturdy, and just right. Meet the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Mesh and Wood Food Dome.

Clocking in at 15 inches edge-to-edge, this metal food dome is constructed with mesh to allow for breathability and peek-a-bility. The wooden knob on top makes lifting and carrying a breeze, and the sturdy metal bottom means it will take some *really* strong gusts to blow away.

Offering a "classy touch to any backyard barbecue," according to one five-star reviewer, this is an "excellent product for the price. Very sturdy and nice size," another says.

Even if you're not serving food, this would be ideal to keep your drink station covered. Those bowls of mocktail and cocktail garnishes, juices, and herbs can attract plenty of bugs, too. It would also work like a dream over a condiment station at the barbeque to protect the pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, and condiments.

"I really like this," a fan raves. "I bought one and it will be great for covering food when we picnic or eat outside!"

We already have one in our virtual carts to follow her lead — and to give all of our al fresco meals an affordable little Fixer Upper. Grab one of these chic food domes before they're gone for the season and you're lift waving off pesky bugs at parties.

Buy It: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Mesh and Wood Food Dome, $15; Target

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