Greenco Stackable Bins

These Top-Rated Stacking Bins Will Instantly Double Your Fridge Storage—and They're on Sale

Getting organized has never been easier.
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Have you ever opened the fridge, only to be greeted with unorganized bins overflowing with produce, half-used cartons of milk far past the expiration date, and discarded tins you thought you threw away a month ago? We've all been there. While most refrigerators come with some kind of built-in storage container, it's usually not enough to truly organize the space

If you've been searching for a way to get the fridge under control, head straight to Amazon's Greenco Stackable Fridge Bins, a set of six containers that are currently 28% off. These bins are designed to prevent you from scouring through the entire fridge in order to find a singular item. Instead of bags of broccoli pushed into the depths of a drawer, you'll finally be able to see everything cleanly organized into translucent containers.

All six bins are made from a shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic that is guaranteed to maximize storage space in the fridge or freezer. The set includes two wide bins perfect for placing produce, condiments, and meats; two narrow bins ideal for cans, yogurts, and snacks; one egg holder with a lid; and a drinks bin that can fit up to nine standard soda cans. Stack the bins vertically to save even more space, and when you need to pull one out, just reach for the side handles that make them easy to carry in and out of the fridge. 

To buy: Greenco Stackable Fridge Bins, $29 (originally $40) at

Over 4,300 Amazon shoppers have given the set of fridge containers a five-star rating, calling them "revolutionary." Many reviewers mention that they "maximize space" and have finally made the fridge organized, while others note that you'll "never lose food to the back of the fridge again." 

"I've seen all the shows and IG accounts, and as much as I believed it would make an improvement, I did not think it would be this big!" one five-star reviewer shares. "I've saved money in the two weeks I've had these because nothing in my fridge has gone to waste. I can see everything clearly. It also helps with clean up should any spillage occur." 

"Every fridge needs these!" another customer says. "So much convenience and organization. Nothing gets lost in our fridge anymore. It stays cleaner and more organized. They're a must have! Very sturdy, not cheap plastic." 

Finally get the fridge under control by getting the Greenco Stackable Fridge Bins for just $29 at Amazon.