It’s perfect for everything from baking brownies to repurposing leftovers.

By Nina Friend
February 16, 2021
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great jones little sheet
Credit: Noah Fecks Studio for Great Jones

Despite being one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, quarter-sheet pans are incredibly underrated. Home cooks tend to gravitate toward classic half-sheet pans because they're so ubiquitous, but certain moments, like baking a tray of brownies or half-batch of cookies, call for a smaller option. Luckily, the cookware brand Great Jones has created the quarter-sheet of our dreams in two eye-popping colors: their signature Broccoli, which is a hunter green, and Blueberry, a cobalt blue.

The "Little Sheet" is the smaller version of Great Jones' best-selling Holy Sheet. The smaller sheet pans are made of the same aluminized steel and glossed with the brand's custom nonstick ceramic coating. They're sold in a set of two for $45, so you could (and should) roast some vegetables at the same time as you bake a dessert. In the wise words of Great Jones, "Have your sheet-pan cake and eat crispy broccoli, too."

You might be thinking: "Why should I invest in a quarter-sheet pan when I have a perfectly good half-sheet?" The quarter sheet size is great for everything from smaller batches of roasted vegetables or even setting up a mini prep station on your counter as you cook. According to Great Jones' co-founder Sierra Tishgart, this size is especially good when cooking for one or two people, and it's perfect for reheating or repurposing leftovers. Plus, "a quarter sheet pan fits in smaller ovens, tight storage spaces, and the dishwasher with ease," Tishgart said. 

Great Jones Little Sheet
Credit: Great Jones

To pre-order: Great Jones Little Sheet, $45 for two at

The best thing about the Little Sheet? It can be whatever you need it to be—including a makeshift plate. "Our team can validate that Little Sheet is exactly the right size for a lap-tray," Tishgart said. "Go from oven to coffee table or bed with those cookies—we don't judge."

The Little Sheet is the newest Great Jones product to launch, but the company has recently come out with a slew of other kitchen essentials, from gorgeous kitchen towels to an entire bakeware set. "We are adding to our product assortment in direct response to customer demand—including new colors and sizes of existing products—as well as moving beyond the stovetop and introducing products that bring joy and functionality to the kitchen at large," Tishgart said.

2021 has already been an exciting year for Great Jones, and we can't wait to see what they'll cook up next. See below for all the best picks from Great Jones bakeware.

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