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Amazon Shoppers Say This Top-Rated Egg Pan Is 'Truly Nonstick'—and It's Only $10

“I’m getting rid of all my other fry pans because I never use anything but this.”
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When you're making breakfast for one, it may feel like all of the nonstick pans you own are far too large for the amount of food you're making. So rather than dirty a huge frying pan to make a single egg, look to the Granitestone Blue Mini Nonstick Egg and Omelet Pan from Amazon which is designed to perfectly prepare one to two eggs at a time. And as a bonus, it's currently 50% off. 

At just 5.5 inches wide, the mini egg pan the ideal size for cooking smaller portions, frying and scrambling eggs, turning omelets, and even flipping pancakes. The ultra-nonstick cooking surface is reinforced with diamonds that not only prevent food from latching onto the pan but also make it durable enough to withstand metal utensils and whisks. You won't even need to add butter or oil into the pan—it's that slick. Plus the non-toxic pan is free of chemicals like PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cadmium.  

Thanks to the pan's aluminum, it heats quickly and evenly so you don't have to worry about hot spots. It's also compatible with most cooking surfaces, including gas, electric, and glass, and can even be slipped into the oven. When you're done using the pan, cleaning up is a breeze: Either scrub it down with a bit of soap and water or stick it in the dishwasher.

To buy: Granitestone Blue Mini Nonstick Egg and Omelet Pan, $10 (originally $20) at

Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with the skillet, which has picked up over 5,000 five-star ratings. Reviewers say that it's "perfect for one egg" and lets you "cook eggs quickly and efficiently." Even a chef is impressed by the pan, writing: "Let me tell you NOTHING sticks to these pans."

"Been using ours for a few months now, daily for eggs, at times for other cooking like tacos," one five-star reviewer says. "These blue pans are TRULY nonstick. Food falls right out just like in the demo videos. I've owned just about every type of nonstick surface and these are the best by far. Teflon, take a back seat please." 

"I bought this one day after stumbling on it and it has changed my life," another shopper shares. "I'm getting rid of all my other fry pans because I never use anything but this. It is so nonstick that I have to do extra maneuvers to flip anything I cook in here because the food just slides around. I even put it in the oven and the pan still looks good as new. I use it almost every day!"

If you've been considering nabbing a pan devoted to preparing eggs, head to Amazon and buy the Granitestone Blue Mini Nonstick Egg and Omelet Pan for just $10 while this deal lasts.