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This Meat Delivery Service Is Basically Giving Away Free Bacon—but Not for Long

Get free bacon in every box if you sign up before Sunday.
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If you're grilling often this summer, it's always a good idea to have quality meat on-hand. Butcherbox already offers high-quality, sustainably sourced beef, poultry, pork and seafood through their curated subscription boxes. The brand's effort to make better meat accessible to as many people as possible is taking things one step further. The delivery service is offering a free pack of bacon with every order to new members for the entire lifetime of your membership, if you sign up by July 11. If you've been considering incorporating more grass-fed, free-range or wild-caught proteins into your diet, this week is the time to do it.

Credit: Courtesy of ButcherBox

To buy: starting at $129 per month, butcherbox.com

Butcherbox sources meat from partners that raise animals without antibiotics or added hormones, so you can feel good about the purchase you make and the food you're enjoying with family and friends. The seafood is wild-caught and sustainably-harvested and the poultry is free-range and USDA certified organic. 

As if getting a curated box of high-quality meat delivered straight to your doorstep wasn't enough, a pack of free bacon in every order makes this special offer too good to pass up. Use it to wrap shrimp or peaches, treat everyone with crispy strips at brunch (hint: the oven is the best way to do it), or even make bacon candy. Don't forget to store the bacon fat for an added bonus in future meals, from hash browns to brownies.

Not only are Butcherbox's products responsibly sourced, the curated boxes are incredibly convenient. Life can get busy and making informed grocery decisions can get complicated and expensive. Butcherbox takes care of that concern. You'll receive a quality meat selection that you don't need to think twice about. Choose to try something new or customize your own box with family favorites. Either way, if you sign up before July 11, you'll be able to enjoy that monthly pack of free bacon for as long as your subscription lasts.