From ham to exotic soups, some of these answers may surprise you.

By Lauren Wicks
Updated November 16, 2018
Thanksgiving drinks survey
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While some families pass down flour-stained, greasy recipe cards in preparation for Thanksgiving, others prefer to take advantage of living in 2018 and utilize search engines. Google Search took a look into the most uniquely searched recipes in each state over the past week to try to identify what will be popular for Thanksgiving dinners across the country.

Turkey recipes were only dominant in West Virginia, as sides were king of Google this week in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. Stuffing or dressing (or whatever you call it in your state) had the highest search rate nationwide, with vegetable-related items taking most other spots.

In the midst of traditional recipes like pumpkin pies and casseroles, there were a few unique standouts. The most searched recipe in Delaware was “keto brisket,” while Arizona was prioritizing ham over turkey. Pennsylvania and Vermont were strictly looking for vegetable recipes and Washington needed some salad inspiration. Vegan Thanksgiving, anyone?

However, the strangest searches of all came from Hawaii, D.C., and North Dakota. Our friends up north were looking for punch recipes, and Hawaii was yearning for stone soup. D.C. must be ready for the holidays, as their most popular search was for cookies.

Even though some states prefer the term “dressing” to “stuffing,” or butternut squash over sweet potatoes, this list ultimately shows that all Americans can agree on one thing: we love classic comfort food. Wondering what your state’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is? Here’s the full list of results.

Alabama: dressing

Alaska: cranberry sauce

Arizona: ham

Arkansas: dressing

California: creamed corn

Colorado: pumpkin pie

Connecticut: cranberry

Delaware: keto brisket

DC: cookies

Florida: green bean casserole

Georgia: green bean casserole

Hawaii: stone soup

Idaho: stuffing

Illinois: stuffing

Indiana: dressing

Iowa: casserole

Kansas: pumpkin pie

Kentucky: sweet potato

Louisiana: chicken soup

Maine: turkey gravy

Maryland: cranberry

Massachusetts: butternut squash

Michigan: dressing

Minnesota: stuffing

Mississippi: dressing

Missouri: sweet potato

Montana: cranberry

Nebraska: pumpkin pie

Nevada: soup

New Hampshire: butternut squash

New Jersey: soup

New Mexico: dressing

New York: soup

North Carolina: dressing

North Dakota: punch

Ohio: pumpkin pie

Oklahoma: dressing

Oregon: sweet potato

Pennsylvania: vegetable

Rhode Island: stuffing

South Carolina: sweet potato casserole

South Dakota: corn

Tennessee: dressing

Texas: cornbread dressing

Utah: salad

Vermont: vegetables

Virginia: green bean

Washington: salad

West Virginia: roast turkey

Wisconsin: cranberry salad

Wyoming: roasted carrots

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