Deco Bros Kitchen Counter Rack

The $18 Trick Shoppers Use to Keep Their Kitchen Cabinets and Counters Organized

It has more than 9,400 five-star ratings on Amazon.
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Anyone who's tried to keep their cookware organized knows how quickly stacking a bunch of pans can turn into a messy pile, especially if they're different sizes. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have found a kitchen organizer that makes it so easy to keep their cabinets and countertops clutter-free—and it's on sale right now. 

The DecoBrothers Kitchen Organizer Rack is designed to keep pans neatly organized. It has five tiers and can accommodate as many pans in the upright position. If you don't have a lot of vertical space, the rack also works horizontally, storing four pans. It comes with screws for mounting, but it can stand on its own, too. 

Unlike with a typical stack of pans, this rack helps avoid the hassle of lifting up other pots and pans if the one you need is stuck in the middle or at the very bottom. You can easily reach for that heavy cast iron skillet without juggling your nonsticks,  and the handy organizer prevents pans from scratching each other. 

To buy:  DecoBrothers Kitchen Organizer Rack, $18 (originally $24) at

The rack has picked up more than 9,400 perfect ratings on Amazon, with customers citing that it keeps their pans organized and saves space. "This was by far one of the best purchases I have made for my small apartment kitchen," one reviewer wrote "This rack took a cabinet overflowing with cookware and created a well-organized area. I highly recommend getting two racks: one for pans and one for lids. I will be purchasing one more!"

Some call out that it's sturdy enough to accommodate heavier pans, saying "it easily holds all of my cast iron pans. There is no warp or bend from the weight between each pan."

The rack comes in three colors with varying price points. Right now, the bronze and silver ones are on sale for $18, and the white is just $17.

For an easy way to keep your kitchen tidy, head to Amazon and shop the DecoBrothers Kitchen Organizer Rack.

To buy:  DecoBrothers Kitchen Organizer Rack, $18 (originally $24) at

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