Crock-Pot jackpot.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Updated November 26, 2018
Credit: JulNichols/Getty Images

Your slow cooker may be your ally in all things supper this fall and winter, but did you know you can use your Crock-Pot or slow cooker as a humidifier?

As the Huffington Post suggests, "If you're feeling congested in the dry winter months, fill your Crock-Pot with water and a little Vicks VapoRub, place it in your bedroom, and leave it on low with the lid off through the night." The same concept applies to your liviing room space. Wherever you set up shop, be sure to keep it in a secure place where you won't trip over any cords or get too close to the hot device.

Apartment Therapy also adds that you can try infusing the water with your favorite essential oils or festive accouterments like cinnamon sticks and orange peels for a pleasing scent. It's important to consider safety, too, when making your homemade humidifier. "As you're using your slow cooker as a humidifier with the lid off, you should never leave it unattended. And it's a good idea to make sure that it's always at least half- to two-thirds-full with water," writes Ashley Abramson in the Apartment Therapy piece. "If your slow cooker is very old (or has a fabric-wrapped cord), you probably just need to find a new one."

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Meanwhile, we thought the only tricks our slow cooker had up its sleeve was making decadent desserts and breakfast casseroles.

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