“It’s like a rejuvenating spa treatment for my cutting board!”

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Wash enough dishes by hand, and you’ll start to notice the warm water and bubbly suds strip away moisture from your skin. So it’s no surprise the same goes for your hard-working wooden cutting boards.

Just like you, wooden boards and chopping blocks need a little TLC to revitalize and protect their surfaces from drying and cracking. Thankfully, one of our favorite cutting board brands also makes an incredible solution to moisturize and seal wood so it’s durable enough to last a lifetime (and no, it’s not a sheet mask).

John Boos Mystery Oil and Block Cream is a two-step maintenance system that mimics the same treatment the company’s boards and butcher blocks receive during the manufacturing process. First, the Mystery Oil absorbs into the board’s grains, restoring moisture to the fibers. Second, the Block Cream—a silky mixture of natural unbleached beeswax and food-grade mineral oil—creates a resilient, long-lasting barrier between the wood and the world.

John Boos Block MYSCRM Essential Mystery Oil and Board Cream Care
Credit: Amazon


To buy: $20; amazon.com

Both are made from all-natural ingredients and work on all unsealed woods, including bowls, utensils, and countertops. Plus, when used regularly, the oil and cream not only protect your tools from normal wear and tear, but even keep bacteria from sticking to their wooden surfaces, according to a 2019 study.

On Amazon, the products have thousands of ecstatic reviews from customers who call them “magic” and a “must-have” for anyone with a wooden cutting board. Shoppers praise the scent-free oil and cream for how easy they are to apply, making everything from walnut and cherry to bamboo and maple richer and smoother.

“This is the best treatment I’ve ever given my maple cutting boards,” one wrote. “With regular mineral oil, they would still get a bit dried out. One night of the Mystery Oil, one night of conditioner, and it’s better than new! It’s like a rejuvenating spa treatment for my cutting board!”

Another added, “These products turned my new charcuterie board into a really healthy-looking block of wood. A board that started out bland, dry, and rough to the touch has now become a rich, healthy-looking piece that feels soft and I’m proud to serve on.”

And because a quality wooden cutting board can cost hundreds of dollars, the $20 oil and cream are an affordable way to protect your investment. Snag the set from Amazon now and give your block the love it deserves.

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