Try it for yourself while CBDistillery’s oil tincture is on sale.

By Maya Gandara
Updated May 14, 2020
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Ever since CBD entered the mainstream, I’ve been a loyal user. From tinctures to candy-like gummies, the anxiety-reducing ingredient has been a game changer in my daily life. And its popularity only continues to skyrocket—I’ve passed by coffee shops in my neighborhood that have CBD-infused lattes and herbal teas on the menu. So when an at-home recipe for CBD whipped coffee appeared in my inbox last week, I decided to get creative and kick the viral drink up a notch.

It feels like almost everyone in isolation has been turning toward trendy whipped coffee (aka, dalgona coffee) for their quick fix. I get why: While the recipe requires a few extra moments of your time, it’s simply delicious. And with the help of CBDistillery and its THC-free Pure CBD Oil Tincture, it’s even better.

To make, simply whisk together one tablespoon each of your preferred instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. After a few minutes, the mixture should change consistency. Then I added in a full dropper of the CBD oil tincture. (How much you’ll add depends on your previous experience with CBD; it’s best to start slow.) Scoop the mixture on top of your favorite nut milk and stir away before sipping. The end result for me was a sweet, soothing drink that was a nice change to my normal routine of pour-over coffee. I felt relaxed and at ease from late morning into the afternoon.

You can grab the same 1,000 mg tincture I used from CBDistillery on sale for $55 right now, or shop additional strengths across the site depending on your preference. Each formula is made from high-quality non-GMO hemp and derived through natural farming methods.

While I’m happy to ingest the CBD oil directly, knowing I can successfully infuse it into my everyday coffee will change the way I use the remedy moving forward.

To buy: $55 (Originally $65);

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