BINO Nonstick Bakeware

Shoppers Say 'Nothing Sticks' to This Non-Toxic Cookie Sheet—No Matter How Crusty or Sticky

Your potato wedges are in good hands.
By Melissa Epifano
August 31, 2021
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Baking trays and cookie sheets pose quite the conundrum. You can take a chance on aluminum and may end up scraping off remnants of what were chocolate chip cookies, or you can go the non-stick route with the risk of having potentially harmful chemicals seep into your one-pan dinner. Fortunately, this crisis can be averted with what shoppers are calling their "go-to pan in the kitchen."

Possessing a slippery exterior but not a PFOA, PTFE, or PFA in sight, these Bino nonstick cookie sheets are everything home cooks and bakers could hope for in a tray. The carbon steel cookware has a non-toxic nonstick coating, which makes food slide right off and washing up a breeze.

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"I've made cookies and drop biscuits with this pan and so far nothing sticks," wrote one reviewer. "I didn't grease the pan or use parchment paper...just the food on the cookie sheet. Wonderful results and extremely easy clean-up."

These aren't flimsy sheets either. They have a pleasant weight to them, which prevents bending and warping—a comforting feature when you're pulling a tray of piping hot potatoes or roast chicken out of the oven.

The textured bottom also turns the hope for an evenly cooked meal into a guarantee. Fish, bacon, burgers, cookies, potato wedges, and leftover pizza are just a small sampling of the many dishes reviewers successfully cooked and baked with ease. The bumpy surface allows air to flow through and hit all the right spots while it's being heated.

To buy: Bino Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Sheet, $13 at

Impressive qualities aside, to put it plainly, these baking sheets are rather pretty, too. Though the brand offers them in the standard black and gray, there's a pale sage green, a punchy aqua, and even a speckled black that adds a bit of flair.

The trays are available in three sizes and start at $10 each, going up to $13 for the biggest 13-by-18-inch tray. And while they may be a dream to use and keep clean, home chefs who prioritize efficiency and ease will be happy to know that these can be popped in the dishwasher after a successful dinner or baking session.

We've all nervously waited by our ovens, hoping our masterpieces weren't slowly becoming crusted-on messes. But with these colorful baking sheets, you can wave away that looming fear for good.