Beverage Budde Can Cover

These Clever Caps Protect Drinks From Bugs and Dirt — and They're Under $10

They prevent spills, too.
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Whether you enjoy a soda for an afternoon pick-me-up or sip a flavored sparkling water all day, odds are there's an open can next to you (or someone in your family) as you work, lounge and Netflix, or hang out at the beach.

Of course, as refreshing as your favorite soft drinks can be, that effervescent satisfaction ends quite quickly if the drink spills and you have sticky soda everywhere. A saving grace (and soon-to-be beverage essential) is a can topper.

The Beverage Buddee Can Cover can fit onto just about any soda, energy drink, or beer can. It's as simple to use as a Tupperware: just place it on top of the can and press down until it snaps in place. 

Open cans of soda aren't only risks for spills and messes, but also at risk of going flat as soon as exposed to air. No one wants warm flat soda, and this cap can also maintain that fizz until you're finished enjoying your beverage.

Also, at a time we're all trying to avoid germs, the can cover can help you keep outside dirt and airborne bacteria from getting in the can. That's helpful, of course, but we also can't avoid thinking of all those times our drinks have been rained on, or a pesky fly has taken license to jump right in...bad weather and pests can be kept out as well if the can is well covered.

"These would be great for anyone who likes to keep up with their drinks ([they're] color coded), go to the bar (because you can cover your drink), or even save a drink in the fridge," gushed one excited 5-star review on Amazon.

Seems like a worthy investment, and it comes in a multi-colored 4-pack, 6-pack, or a black 4-pack. Each also has a keychain loop, so it may be a good idea to stock up for weekend gatherings, backyard barbeques, or after-school sporting events when you need the cool drinks to be crisp and cold, not cluttered with dirt and bugs.

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