The baked goods will be sold at their signature low prices.

By Grace Elkus
January 10, 2018
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Aldi is beloved for its low prices and impressive variety of offerings. Soon, it may also be known for its baked goods.

A recently relocated Aldi store in Batavia, Illinois, features a new format that, depending on its success, may soon be implemented in other U.S. stores. The new look features an in-store bakery offering an assortment of bread, rolls, croissants, donuts, and even soft pretzels, according to Brick Meets Click, a consulting firm working with Aldi. Customers can pick what they’d like from the self-service case and pack it in a bakery bag or box.

The new concept, already an amenity offered in other countries, is similar to that of Lidl’s, the popular German grocery store that recently opened locations in the U.S. It seems both grocery stores could soon out-perform Trader Joe’s in the bakery department, considering TJ's only sells packaged baked goods and loaves of bread, and does not have a self-service case.

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In addition to the bakery, the new store (which is 3,000 square feet larger than the original) features produce at the very front of the store, greeting customers as soon as they walk in. The first aisle is also dedicated to produce and deli. The new structure emphasizes the grocery store’s new focus on perishables.


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