The weather's starting to get warmer, and the days are certainly getting longer, which means it's time to fire up the Big Green Egg at our house! Don't get me wrong, Brent and I love to grill throughout the winter - but it just feels so much better to be grilling after work when it's light outside rather than dark.

One of our favorite shrimp recipes on the Big Green Egg, Peanut Grilled Shrimp, is from the spiral-bound recipe book available most places that Eggs are sold. You can also find the recipe online here. Basically, it involves skewering fresh shrimp, coating with a homemade sauce made from common pantry staples like peanut butter, garlic, and soy sauce, and grilling (turning once) until the shrimp turn pink.

Peanut Grilled Shrimp is simple and quick to prepare, and if you love the peanut sauce as much as we do, be sure to make extra to serve as a dipping sauce with the meal.

This recipe pairs well with other Asian-inspired dishes like edamame, ginger salad, and stir-fried veggies. We often serve it with jasmine rice that's been steamed on the stovetop in coconut milk (instead of water). Yum!

Now that grilling season is nearly in full swing, what are your favorite ways to enjoy fresh shrimp on the grill?