Memorial Day is our opportunity to gather up with friends and family to celebrate all who have served in our nation's armed services--it's a holiday worth looking forward to. Obviously, the best place to bring your people together is around a table... a table covered with ample quantities of amazing food. Meaning... Memorial Day is the perfect occasion fire up the grill. Here are our top-choice grilled entrees to fuel your cookout inspiration.

If you love seasoned chicken, just wait until you taste the bursting flavor of this dish when its grilled on a salt slab. If you've never cooked with a salt slab before, welcome aboard. You can find salt blocks at most food retailers, like this one from Williams-Sonoma. You can use a salt block repeatedly for all sorts of meats and veggies until they eventually wear down with use.

Salt Slab Chicken al Mattone

Juicy tender steak and an equally juicy fresh salsa make for a succulent summer supper. Pick up super ripe tomatoes for the most vibrant salsa; is sunny acidity plays nicely with the toasty spice-rub on your steak.

Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Fresh Salsa
| Credit: John Autry; Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine

Coated with zesty spices and topped with a lively (but so super simple) grilled pineapple salsa, these chops are not short on flavor. Serve them over a bed of herbed couscous for a well-rounded dish.

Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple-Onion Salsa

This dish is the epitome of simple elegance. Using only a few ingredients, the recipe focuses on bringing out the maximum flavor potential of each one. For example, charring lemons provides a delicate smokiness to their juices that really works wonders squeezed over the rich salmon. Keep in mind--if flipping a whole side of salmon seems daunting on the grill, you can simply slice it into a few smaller fillets. Serve with grilled vegetables like these, to round out the plate.


Despite the meaty connotation, the grill is a great place for veggies, fruits, and plenty of other vegetarian and vegan options. In these flavor-bomb tacos, we combine grilled tofu and grilled veggies for a vibrant tortilla package of goodness. We top them off with this eggplant-ancho spread, because it's absolutely the right thing to do .

Tofu-and-Vegetable Tacos with Eggplant-Ancho Spread

While these are some of our all-around favorite recipes from the grill, don't go thinking your options for kicking of grilling season stop with the main dish. We encourage you to grill your appetizers, sides, and even desserts and let us know what some of your favorite go-to grilling dishes are, like these awesome burgers, in the comments below.