No churn, no problem.
sweet corn no-churn ice cream 1
Credit: Stacey Ballis

It is no secret that I am a fan of mash-ups. From the groundbreaking Cronut™ to a cheeseburger egg roll to ranch pancakes, there is something deliciously fun about playing with flavors and seeing how to make new and exciting dishes.

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Summer for me is all about sweet corn. We are lucky enough to have a family weekend place that is near a farm that grows the most spectacular sweet corn I have ever tasted. When you go pick it up, it is mere hours off the stalk. It is so sweet and juicy that it doesn’t need a thing. You can eat it with no butter, no seasoning, just dive into the cob. I’ll make extra ears and snack on them cold, or slice the kernels off the cob into salads.

The other thing summer means for me is ice cream. (Not shake-in-a-bag ice cream, as we have previously discussed). Whether it’s a visit to my favorite scoop shop, or I’m making my own, ice cream is a constant for me during the heat of summer. I serve it to pals after dinner parties. My husband and I know the local spots schedules in our bones, and sometimes lock eyes twenty minutes before one of them closes and made a mad dash to fulfill a craving.

sweet corn no-churn ice cream 2
Credit: Stacey Ballis

Stacey Ballis

So, it is only natural, if you are me, which I am, to go all in on a mash-up version of two of the heroes of my summer. I made this ice cream no-churn to keep it easy, and used pre-cooked corn, so that it can take advantage of leftovers. It comes together super quick and would be the perfect accompaniment to a blackberry or blueberry pie or a caramel or nut tart or just on its own.