You might need that right about now.

Maybe you live in a part of the country where winter isn't an issue, but for the rest of us, mid-February can be pretty bleak. Whether it's freezing rain or short, gloomy days or many inches of snow that turn into sludge, the heady mid-summer days feel pretty far away just about now. That's why it's no surprise that one of our most popular recipes is something that takes very little effort and transports you back to July, when the tomatoes and peaches are in full loveliness. It's an exceptionally easy peach cobbler, and it might just be the treat you need right now.

This cobbler is a hit for a reason: it encourages you to put your own touch on the simple dessert by adding spices or nuts, but it also works perfectly without substituting a thing. Because it's February and good, fresh peaches are probably in short supply near you, there's another trick: you can substitute canned peached for fresh, and skip the step where it has you boil peaches in sugar and lemon juice. (You can add the cinnamon right to the batter if you want, or mix it in with the peaches.) Canned peaches are usually pretty sweet, so you can also adjust the sugar to your liking. Many of the folks who have commented reduce the sugar by half or more to bring down the sweetness of the dish, but you can experiment with what works for you.

All the steps can be done pretty quickly, even with cold fingers in your freezing kitchen. It'll come together and bake in about an hour, and makes enough for you to serve to a whole party. Or you can eat some hot with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream on your couch in front of a movie. Whatever helps get you through the winter.

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