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Pickled Plums

Pickled peaches are a Southern classic, and plums take to preserving just as well. Acheson uses rice vinegar for a lighter, less acidic pickle. Be sure to choose firm plums so they don't turn to mush in the jar. Drizzle over vanilla cream or pair it with a pork tenderloin.
By Hugh Acheson

Mama Dip's Carrot Cake

Rating: 5 stars
This recipe from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, restaurateur Mildred "Mama Dip" Council is one of the best carrot cakes we've tested. The cake layers can be made ahead and frozen up to one month.

Autumn Sweater

By Brad Thomas Parsons

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The Best Southern Living Recipes
Peach cobbler, white cakes, easy chilis, and breakfast casseroles top the list of the best Southern Living recipes ever made. When you're craving delicious, crave-worthy southern recipes that have been made, loved, and savored for generations, turn to Southern Living dishes, which feature fresh ingredients, fun flavor combinations, and, best of all, a touch of love and southern sass. Grab a fork, y'all, and dig in.
Southern Living, July 2013 Page 100
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Four-Layer Coconut Cake

Rating: 3.5 stars

Coconut shavings can be purchased in the bulk section of your local health food store or dried fruit section in the supermarket.