8 servings (serving size: about 4 ounces beef and 1 cup vegetables)

If you have a picky eater, try serving this with a slotted spoon to eliminate the liquid; then make sure to separate the meat from vegetables on the plate.

How to Make It

Step 1

Place first 4 ingredients in a 5-quart electric slow cooker; toss gently.

Step 2

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add beef to pan, browning on all sides (about 8 minutes). Place beef over vegetables in slow cooker. Coat skillet with cooking spray. Add onion to pan; sauté 5 minutes or until onion begins to brown. Stir in broth, scraping pan to loosen browned bits. Reduce heat; stir in mustard and next 5 ingredients. Pour broth mixture over beef and vegetables.

Step 3

Cover and cook on LOW 8 hours or until beef and vegetables are very tender. Discard bay leaves. Garnish with thyme sprigs, if desired.

Step 4


Step 5

Young Chefs can:

Step 6

Measure rutabaga, parsnip, carrot, and potato

Step 7

Place rutabaga, parsnip, carrot, and potato in slow cooker

Step 8


Step 9

Older Chefs can:

Step 10

Measure mustard, thyme, and sage

Step 11

Help pour broth mixture into slow cooker

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