Howard L. Puckett
Makes 1 (9-inch) pie

They say opposites attract, and, in the case of this cream pie, it's true. The rich sweetness of white chocolate and the tart crispness of key lime juice create a match made in flavor heaven.

How to Make It

Combine cream and white chocolate morsels in a medium saucepan over low heat. Cook 5 minutes or until morsels melt, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add sour cream, lime rind, and juice; stir well. Pour into crust. Cover and chill at least 8 hours. Garnish, if desired.

Ratings & Reviews

Ginger's review

May 31, 2016
I've made this pie more times than I can count over the past couple of years, and it is the one people always seem to want when I let them pick a pie for their birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. And that's saying a lot since I make a killer banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, grasshopper pie, ricotta pie, German chocolate pie, peanut butter pastry cream pie - all of which are much more work.  I have found that this pie actually sets up in just a couple of hours, so I don't know where that 8 hours comes from.  This is the pie I make when I suddenly realize I need a pie for a potluck that night.  One person mentioned a weird texture, and I have had that happen when I had the heat up too high.  You need to heat this on medium low, which will take a little longer, but the texture will get grainy if you get it too hot.  And you do need to stir constantly.  Also, instead of using the white chocolate chips, you can use 11 ounces of good quality white chocolate bars, chopped, to add just a little more quality to the taste and texture, but it doesn't make a tremendous amount of difference.

kcchick24's Review

August 26, 2014
I get great reviews every time I make this. I make my own crust though and put it in mini muffin and normal muffin sized silicon pans. The only tricky part is getting the tarts to pop out of the form without breaking. I agree these need a garnish but the recipe is super easy and impressively delicious! My go-to.

karrey's Review

July 25, 2014
This my third time making this easy pie. I think its delicious!! I have had many requests for the recipe, and in my book thats high praise! I hate making pies, but this one is a snap! I do add about twice the amount of zest and pour in a little more key lime juice b/c I like things a little more tangy.

kieverett's Review

June 17, 2013

jaytriedandtrue's Review

December 05, 2012

LorraineC's Review

April 06, 2012
I have a lot of better key lime pie recipes than this one. Flavor was just OK. I don't understand why the 9 inch pie crust. It barely filled half the plate. I had to pipe whipped cream around the edges to hide this appearance since I was serving this to guests. My suggestion would be if you make this pie use a 8 inch graham crust.

caroleleone's Review

September 30, 2011
This is a great recipe - very easy to make. Only drawback which can also be an advantage is the 8 hour chill time. I made it, whipped up and extra 1/2 cup of whipping cream and piped it around the edge, then garnished it with fresh raspberries. Looked and tasted like an expensive pastry shop dessert!

RobinLeBaker's Review

August 07, 2011
We made this easy dessert for a 50 Men Who Cook event. We got many positive comments on this dessert. Tastes good and easy to prepare! We made 12 pies in under one and one half hour. Then just let it sit overnight and cut as we needed the pieces!

amycj12's Review

June 24, 2011
This is definitely an easy pie to make but just okay on taste. It left me wanting a true key-lime pie which has a stronger flavor. The white chocolate makes this pie creamier but you can't tell or taste, rather that white chocolate is one of the ingredients. This pie also had a strange texture to me.

Terrylady1's Review

June 30, 2010
I thought this recipe turned out well. Very simple crowd pleaser.