15 servings (Serving size: 1 cup)

makes alot but is very yummy. Can freeze portions to use later: under cook vegetables just a little. Can freeze in freezer bags but have to cool completely. Let as much air out as can and lay bags flat on cookie sheet and freeze. Once soup is frozen flat its easy to layer in freezer and won't take up much room. To thaw place the bag in fridge for 24 hrs and then reheat.

How to Make It

Add a little oil to pan and fry meat 5 min, add onions and garlic and add 1 Cup water and cook covered for 30 min. If not using meat in a large frying pan sprayed with cooking spray, saute garlic, onions, carrots and mushrooms for 5 min. In a large crockpot/soup pan, combine sauteed garlic and vegetables with the remaining ingredients. Cook on high for 2-3 hrs or until vegetables are cooked. If on top of stove cook 3-4 hrs so vegetables soften up.

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