Makes 6 servings

Notes: Traditionally, this dessert coffee is brewed by the cup. A small metal coffee filter (found in many Asian markets) filled with fine-ground coffee is placed on a mug containing a generous spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. Water, poured into the filter and coffee, slowly drips into the milk. By dessert time, all the water has drained, and the coffee is poured into a glass filled with ice.

How to Make It

Step 1

Pour 3/4 cup condensed milk into a coffee pot or pitcher. Put the ground coffee into a filter cone and set it onto the pot.

Step 2

Pour 3 cups boiling water, in batches, into filter until it all drips into the pot.

Step 3

Mix coffee and milk. Taste, and if desired, add more milk. Pour into ice-filled glasses.

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