Photo: Mary Britton Senseney/Wonderful Machine; Styling: Mary Clayton Carl
Serves 4 (serving size: 1 sandwich)

Vary the fruit to suit your kids' preferences--use red- or green-skinned apples or pears.

How to Make It

Combine mustard and honey in a small bowl. Spread one side of each of 4 bread slices with 1 1/2 teaspoons mustard mixture. Place one cheese slice on dressed side of bread slices; top each with 5 apple slices and 2 ounces turkey. Top sandwiches with remaining 4 bread slices. Coat both sides of sandwiches with cooking spray. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add sandwiches to pan. Cook 2 minutes on each side or until bread is browned and cheese melts.

Ratings & Reviews

Rdeank's Review

September 06, 2012
We used Bartlett pears rather than apples and it was a big hit.

MrsDana's Review

August 23, 2012
Easy, delicious, and nutritious. The only changes that I made was using a high-fiber multi-grain bread and a gala apple--I already had this available.

Hungryhippo38's Review

October 14, 2014

heavenlystars's Review

May 22, 2014

VandyErin's Review

January 13, 2013

PrimeSuspect's Review

January 13, 2013

KGBurk's Review

November 09, 2012
Thought this was simple to prepare & very delicious.

Jane1019's Review

September 16, 2012
This is excellent and so easy.

StephMerrifield's Review

August 26, 2012
5 star sandwich recipe. the key is to make sure your swiss is melted - I put mine in the microwave for 15 sec since the stove top didn't melt it enough. also, this may just be my preference, but I liked without the mustard and just the honey. We made both versions (kid w/ no mustard and adult w/ mustard honey mixture) and I didn't think the mustard added anything.

TheMomChef's Review

September 20, 2012
I made this for myself and our six year-old. I thought it was very tasty, though would have preferred more mustard and less honey. Our daughter, however, didn't like it at all. She's a fan of the separate components, with the exception of Swiss cheese. Maybe Cheddar would have been best for her. You can read my full review at Taking On Magazines: