Thayer Allyson Gowdy
Total Time
40 Mins
Serves 16 as an appetizer or 8 as a main course

Tortilla Espanola, a Spanish classic, is a typically a thin omelet filled with fried potatoes and onions. The recipe is easy to assemble, can be made ahead, warmed when ready, and is great for serving to guests as an appetizer or as part of a meal. It's great on its own, but a little garlicky aïoli is good, too.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine potatoes, onion, and salt in a bowl. Set aside.

Step 2

Heat oil in a large frying pan over high heat until very hot but not smoking. Spoon potato mixture into oil, spreading evenly. Cook until at least half the potatoes are browned, using a slotted metal spoon to turn potatoes occasionally, 20 minutes.

Step 3

Set a strainer over a bowl and pour in potatoes; let drain. Reserve 1 tbsp. oil.

Step 4

Fold eggs into potato mixture in a large bowl. Stir in parsley.

Step 5

Heat reserved 1 tbsp. oil in a 10-in. nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Pour egg mixture into pan; spread evenly. Cook, lifting edges to check color. When eggs are medium brown, remove from heat. Set a large plate upside down over pan. Invert tortilla onto plate, then slide back into pan. Cook over medium heat until bottom is browned, about 4 minutes.

Step 6

Transfer to a plate; cut into wedges.

Step 7

Note: Nutritional information is per appetizer serving.

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