Photo Courtesy of The Aviary

Ingi Sigurdsson and Alexis Belton of The Aviary in Chicago modeled this coffee cocktail after an affogato, which is soft vanilla gelato paired with robust espresso. They call it the Doppia Bevande and serve it in two glasses that should be consumed side-by-side, so each part can show off its own unique personality. The clarified milk punch mimics the gelato in an affogato, and the egg white and Amari-based cocktail serves as the espresso. The Cynar 70, Averna, and Sibilla in the concoction create a smooth bitterness, and the oregano and hibiscus play off the tart and sour flavors of a perfect espresso pull.

Doppia Bevande

Part 1: Milk Punch


Part 2: Cold Brew Coffee and Amaro Cocktail 



How to Make It

Step 1

Make the clarified milk punch. Blend ingredients from vanilla beans to water on high for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Make the Cold Brew. Mix the water and coffee grounds in a bag and seal. Infuse for 18 hours. Strain with a chinois once ready, pressing on grinds to extract all liquid. Store in the fridge.

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