Kick off the morning with a sweet and salty spread that really brings home the bacon. Sugary maple syrup, warm bourbon notes, and the smokiness of pork unite in this boozy bacon jam. After your bacon renders, strain and save the leftover bacon fat for ridiculously flavorful dishes. Once the contents in your pan begin to get glossy, throw it all into a food processor and blend it quickly, or else you’ll end up with something far too similar to candy and caramel (but honestly worse things have happened). And if you’re staying off the hard stuff, leave bourbon out of the mix; it’ll still be crazy delicious. Jam on, friends. Jam on.Bourbon and Bacon Jam Recipe

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: All photos by Teresa Sabga / Styled by Jiselle Basile


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  • Heat a heavy-bottomed pan over medium heat. Add bacon, lower heat to medium-low and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, or until you’ve rendered off a good amount of fat and the bacon starts to crisp. Remove bacon pieces from pan, reserve.

  • Keep 3 tablespoons of bacon fat in the pan to form a thin layer on the bottom. If there’s a lot more than a few tablespoons, just strain over a mason jar and save it for tomorrow’s scrambled eggs.

  • Add the onion to the pan and sauté for 10 minutes or until translucent. Add the bourbon to the pan, scraping up the browned bits from the bottom as you stir. Stir in the vinegar, brown sugar, and maple syrup until well-combined and just boiling. Add the reserved bacon back to the pan and continue cooking.

  • When the mixture is syrupy and begins to glisten, remove from heat and place in a food processor. Pulse mixture for 15 to 30 seconds. The more you process, the smoother the jam.

  • Refrigerate in an airtight container for 1 week, although we can’t promise the spread will last any longer than a day without being completely licked from the jar.